days in the life of ‘Amber’….

Friday 11th January……

Feeling rather depleted today…trying like a great majority to organise my life…finances and fingers crossed, a buisness start-up!
My darling daughter is due home today after a week in Birmingham! Much like a BFF!! She is my voice of impartial reason…hope her week hasn’t been too stressful….she didn’t agree through choice one of those progressive moves through the maze of promotions, otherwise called ’employment’. Soooo am rooting for her and she better had get her just desserts!!!

A brief catch-up with friends was…..jaw-droppingly go smacking!! Got to hear all about a short stay in a ‘cell’, being ‘handcuffed’ and standing in the ‘dock’! All this experienced first hand from one of my friends….bless her is what I was thinking….a mum of three with a partner….now you’re wondering….what for?? Well shall we say, its a secret…one I cannot divulge due to its apparent nature and the fact that this friend of mine hasn’t quite f
‘fessed’ up to certain peoples!!


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