And so let me tell you all about February…..

Feb 23rd…

Lying in bed in agony….not happy with having an extremely unusual condition with my back….piriformis syndrome! Recently diagnosed after a hellish 3 years! Anyway I along with my fantastic consultant, have a plan….yippee! So am hopeful that 2013 will be the year I get it under control and start to get my life back on track!

So lastnite we (friends) had a get together!! Fun fun fun! Its that time when parents after having ingested copious amounts of alcohol, can, step off the moral high ground and have silly fun in the social playground!
Occasions such as these are as am sure you’ll agree, are enlightening to say the least! We all can pride ourselves on our frank and candid honesty through day to day but it has be said that once that bottle of alcohol is opened, the REAL candidness can present itself!
Engaging in conversation can divulge aspects of eachother not usually apparent! Morals, principals and opinions are flooded into conversation. I suppose those of us, (me included) who can take on that ‘political’ role, absolutely love this.
What my take on this is, that we have an inner awareness to not want to offend those around us. The child like, say it as it is rears its simplistic voice and echoes in abundance! When we as parents forever state that our kids have much to Learn from us is mirrored when we realise that we too have just as much to learn from them!

All in all a great night. Unfortunately for me, i didn’t enjoy myself as much as i would have liked (sad face) but nevertheless enjoyed watching my friends and hubby have fun around me.

Backtracking to my recent write on my friend in the dock, she pled guilty to a minor offence and was sentenced to…..a number of hours of ‘community service’. A sigh of relief for her as that situation presented itself as one of ‘glad that’s all done with’! Yeah being a parent we make mistakes and indeed bad choices but we never really imagine that the consequence of these could land us in the courts! A minor hiccup, swallowed with glad they’ve stopped now! Human we all are and Perfect we are not.

My dilema with my 15 yr old son!

Always been a passive young man. Growing up he was happiest pleasing those around him. Now i knew that would change but didn’t realise just how much!
He was recently (January 2013) excluded from school for a day due to his defiency. He did wrong, got a debt (15mins) for it and decided that he didn’t want to do it! This then progressed to a heads debt (60 mins)….he went but refused to stay and walked out! So this was an instant day exclusion for refusing to comply.
Utterly shocked! I have been a mum for almost 21 years and have never had to deal with this kind of behaviour from my kids. To describe it in one word…..DISAPPOINTED….so after attending a meeting at school, to discuss the whole episode and to sign a contract of sorts to allow our son back to school, we (hubby) set about talking to our son to explain things.

The Sadness that comes with March….

This month holds memories of those we have lost. Our darling Archie would have been 4 on the 27th. My beautiful son who I fought so hard for was sadly born sleeping. A poignant moment in my life and one of which I found extremely difficult to process. Understanding the things you cannot control sets off furious fireworks in mind and heart. Many years of pain, anguish and tears finally led to the point of me beginning to learn to accept my loss. Wow grief is not just a word or term, its a tornado that rips you apart and spins your whole being into such a frenzy, you could almost fall off the face of the earth! As parents you never ever imagine for one moment that you would have to lay any of your children to rest in your lifetime! It sounds like a cliche but until it happens to you, you don’t realise how much that statement effects you. Perhaps later on down the line, I could write more but for now, his anniversary fast approaches and his day marks the family’s time to remember him and send him all of our loves up to him.


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