Feeling rather sorry for myself :(

Can’t shake my ‘down in the dumps ‘ today…woke up in a lot of pain, went back to sleep to ease it….woke back up still in bloody AGONY 😦
Its very hard to stay up beat when I struggle each day??
Snippets of my days are joyful & do indeed make me smile but the unrelenting truth behind the fact that I cannot manage my day as I wish, frustrates me beyond words.
I should indulge in one of my past times….writing to keep my brain engaged & make the most of the time I spend on my ass!!! Truthfully put….my mood swings back & forth…at times rather violently!
I do try to keep myself stable but its difficult so today I have indeed managed to literate my feelings in a positive way rather than engulf them negatively!!
Ok…enough said & i shall return!!


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