When pain overwhelmes your being,
The cloud of clarity disappears.
Closing your eyes exaggerates the darkness,
Your thoughts spin around the hell you feel,
Where did the aura of life go?
Time ticks by…..slowly, so slowly….
Until….the light of life seeps through the darkness
The aura of life rebirths itself in you
The cloud dissolves to envelope you in warmth & light…
The pain begins to disperse into the depths of your mind,
Here it settles itself,
To allow you the new born strength,
To begin to live again, without the pain.
This for now, glorifies your spirit & opens your eyes,
What you see now, is life without the pain,
Hopeful that it will not return.
This will not be forgotten as when you close your eyes, it will be there somewhere deep in your darkness….
As you swim then in & out of life, the pain remains but now you are strong.
Now your strength, gives you the courage to overcome the pain.

This an emotion so strong can scar beyond words…
Our faithful friend..time…is what heals your pain.


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